A Source for Sioux Falls Theatre


The act of creating is a brave one – especially for the performing artist.  A performer dares to walk on stage in front of people who are demanding to be entertained.  It is no small task and there are no certainties.  On stage one is naked (some literally), vulnerable – anything can happen.  There is no hiding.  When one dares to create and share it, one is taking a risk.

The Falls Theatre Blog (that’s us) is aiming to reward that risk by providing a resource that curates, promotes, and offers a critical eye to performing arts enterprises in Sioux Falls and the region.  While it will take time for FTB (that’s us) to earn the credibility as a source for theatre arts in Sioux Falls, we know that there is a demand for local coverage that isn’t being met by traditional outlets.

Many might not know that within the past 18 months two local theatre companies have debuted with performances in non-traditional venues in Sioux Falls’ downtown.  Those two companies, Fishmongers Actors Theatre (FAT), and Monstrous Little Theatre Company (both can be found on Facebook) have bet that Sioux Falls is willing to support live theatre that caters to more mature audiences in downtown Sioux Falls.  Monstrous believes audiences are ready for lesser-known and edgy theatre that has been performed in Sioux Falls, but mostly isolated to academia.  FAT thinks there’s an audience for original and regional premiere works that champion Sioux Falls playwrights.  Both think you’d like to enjoy drinks before and during (thumbs up).

The mission of this online publication is to increase the awareness of what’s happening in Sioux Falls; to aggregate the efforts of theatrical organizations in Sioux Falls, to promote local performing arts by local artists, and to offer feedback to their performances and aesthetic in the form of reviews submitted by peers with performance backgrounds.*  We are limiting the scope, at first, to downtown Sioux Falls or performances at less traditional venues by local artists.  We hope to expand as we find more boots to put on the ground to comprehensively cover the theatre scene in the region.  If you are or know of anyone that is interested in helping our coverage, email us at fallstheatreblog@gmail.com.

We look forward to guiding readers toward new experiences and providing a resource for keeping up with the growing artistic/entertainment scene in Sioux Falls.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word if you feel this enterprise is worth supporting.

*The objective of any criticism will always be to offer an educated opinion for the organization to use (if they care to) and to cultivate audience knowledge of performing arts.  It will be our goal that no criticisms are levied to be disparaging for the sake of being disparaging.  This may be a fine line, but we intend to meet it.  At first we will ask our reviewers to use a pseudonym.  The size of the performing arts community is small – we all work with one another – and we want the reviewers to feel free to contribute to the artistic conversation without fearing that the reviewer might burn a bridge with a would-be collaborator.  I will serve as the editor and liaison between the reviewer and the writer.  I take that role seriously, but if anything were to be considered unfair then I would accept the responsibility for that sentiment and correspond using fallstheatreblog@gmail.com